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  • Zulily
  • 5 hours ago
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Two orders #421358606 and 935963284 didn't get my employee discount. I need help to get it. Thanks Add comment

I ordered five items from the Reborn collection. Unfortunately Reborn was unable to fulfill its obligations in sending out their merchandise within a reasonable amount of time (over five weeks). I received one of the items, was promised two more were on the way, and never heard about the remaining two until I contacted Zulily. In addition, Reborn fails to deliver offered merchandise and then advertises THOSE SAME items in later sales. If they cannot provide the items in the first go-round, why does Zulily continue to advertise Reborn's... Read more

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Zullily is a great company and if you have products delivered that are not suitable they tell you to keep them if there not high quality i think. I did order some products through them recently and made an error ordering so some was refunded. I now have products delivered that were the wrong size and not what i wanted. I was told a returns label would be issued but it wasnt nor the email i was promised.So i sent the items back recorded to the returns depot and still waiting for a refund Read more

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I ordered two bathing suits which looked like they would only fit a child. I also ordered a blouse which was an extra large but would still only fit a child or a small oriental female. I was very disappointed and like others who posted here did not realize there was a no returns policy. I admit I was fooled like others by the great prices. I also payed extra for a rushed shipment and still did not receive one of my purchases for four weeks.You can bet i will never order another thing from this company who has no honor and is a sleasy operation... Read more

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ordered a baby gift from this company in March of 2016. I received the first of 4 items, but sent to the wrong address. I called them, they corrected this. Next another item shipped, correct address this time but 2 weeks later. Next , about one month later a toy from the order arrived. The main item that I ordered never has been shipped(a brand name, Nanette, infant outfit)Today, one month later, I was informed by E-Mail that this item was cancelled , no other explanation. I'm sure the Mother of this baby must think I'm a crazy lady, as I had... Read more

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after readying reviews i am glad i did not fall for the sign up if you want to browse, that is just not right. you don't need my info for me to see if i want to buy from you and after all the reviews i absolutely will not buy from them. i have to say it is one thing for things to get messed up in the order but people have said things were dirty and had holes in them, really?? never heard that about ordering clothes before. zulily needs some good old lessons on how hard it is to get new customers and how important it is to keep them, lots of... Read more

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I cannot use my computer without your constant ads freezing my computer. I have tried everything I can to block your ads. You are keeping me from getting my work done and if you do not remove your ads I will have to seek legal assistance in this matter. I work from home and have deadlines to meet. You are ruining my reputation and limiting my income. You are annoying, invasive, and from reading other reviews you sell poorly made products at high prices. Shame on you. I would think you would care enough about your own reputation and strive... Read more

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Wish I had read some of these reviews before I made my purchases. I gave all three items to a homeless person, because not only were they all garbage, but their return process was just not worth the aggravation and additional cost. One item was so badly damaged that I could not even put it on. Two other items had holes in them. Frankly I was shocked that this company was allowed to continue to advertise anywhere. I cant imagine how many other people have had the same experience I have had but just don't take the time to write about it. ... Read more

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  • Zulily
  • Apr 13
  • #829205

I'm very happy with my purchase from Zulily. It did take about 3 1/2 weeks to get here but love the dress. I ordered a plus size maxi dress with chevron design on the skirt and black top. I love it but should have ordered a larger size. It is very stretchy so it does work. I will be wearing it a lot. Excellent quality for the price. Add comment

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  • Zulily
  • Apr 13
  • #829198

I ordered for the first time ever from Zulily and I am very happy with my purchase. I bought a plus size maxi dress that is black on the top and the skirt is a black and white chevron. I just love this dress. The quality is amazing and fits beautifully. I will defiantly buy from them again. Add comment

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