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There is one vendor who posts cute little dresses at reasonable prices--Reborn. Unfortunately Reborn is unable to fulfill its obligations in sending out their merchandise within a reasonable amount of time.

In the first place, Zulily provided an ample amount of time for the items ordered to be sent. Over the past year I have ordered at least ten things from Reborn and managed to actually obtain TWO of them. The rest of the items went beyond the anticipated ship date and were canceled by me.

In addition, Reborn fails to deliver offered merchandise and then advertises THOSE SAME items in later sales. If they cannot provide the items in the first go-round, why does Zulily continue to advertise Reborn's items for sale again and again, knowing full well that the merchandise will never be provided even long after the offering time?

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I feel the same way about Reborn and a fewer other companies Zullily works with. Why should I have to wait three and a half months for a shirt?

Totally ridiculous!

Zullily needs to reconsider who they do business with. Customer service should be priority.


I've had the same issue with Reborn collection. Takes too long, then your item is canceled.


2 things that bothers me about this company. Though there are cute items the shipping cost is outrageous and the time frame in which you receive the items could be 2-3 weeks if not longer.

Better to shop other online sites and get items in 1-2 DAYS as well as free shipping for members. Zulily needs to step it up!!


I experienced the same thing with ordering Reborn tunics from Zulilly. I could have sworn that when I was ordering it said 3-day shipping, however when I confirmed my order the delivery date that was provided was a month from the date ordered.

These days who takes that long to ship items given the massive competition? I too cancelled my order.


Ordered two reborn tunics last year. Quality is very poor.

Material has awful odor and tunics are so full of extra fabric... there is really no shape defined by the tunic..

I would not order again. Smell of fabric was real turn off

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1235353

I just cancelled a Zulily order for a reborn sweater I wanted. It's been over 30 days and now they want me to wait 30 more or cancel. I cancelled and now lets see if I get my money back.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, United States #1227344

Reborn is actually a brand produced BY Zulilly!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1220884

I received my recent order of reborn items in 3 days.

Antelope, California, United States #1213639

FYI Zullily is dealing with a Chinese manufacturer and this is how the Chinese do business. Until you stop purchasing products from China, America is being conditioned to be accepted as 2nd class status while China's people get the best of things and status as their people laugh to the bank. As cute as the clothing may be, you need to start demanding Zullily clothing NOT come from China, because the Chinese look down on Americans, that's why they ship us their SUBPAR C.R.A.P that is chemically made and food and other junk that tries to kill us.

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1217695

I agree with the quality of things from China but you are quite the classy racist, aren't you?

to Anonymous #1385369

Wow racist? There is quite a bit of truth to that.

I have nothing against any race but I do have issues w/ppls ways of treating others or their blanketed perception of a country so focused on being PC they forget most other countries dont act the way we do.

Thats y have such heavy blinders on. Anyhow.......

to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1238573

Then you better start preparing to paying 3-4 mores for the same items!

to Anonymous Pleasanton, California, United States #1249716

Actually, having recently spent time in China, I can say that Chinese people are very frustrated because in general the higher quality goods are shipped out for export and the Chinese people get the lower quality goods. This is particularly the case for electronics but to some degree it is true of clothing.

And Chinese people do not look down on Americans.

On the contrary, they tend to admire the US and many hope to visit or even emigrate. It's true that not all the Chinese-made goods in the US are good quality, but that doesn't reflect on the Chinese people as a whole, just as it doesn't reflect on you when an American manufacturer or retailer does a poor job.

Verona, Wisconsin, United States #1201676

I love the ReBorn line I am a very large chested and order size 3X I own about 13 of there dresses and have gotten compliments everywhere I go. They wash and dry wonderfully. My only problem with the brand is that once in a while the hem will get a lose string do to getting a snag or hooked on something.

And just today I ordered 7 more ReBorn items.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1188849

Items are on par with probably clothes from forever 21, Charlotte russe, wet seal, etc. Partywear kind of clothes.

Wear once and it's done. Prices do not reflect quality. They are overcharging. I won't even pay the prices zulily charges if I had known of how poor these dresses and tops were.

I guess this is why they are listed on zulily? Unable to get rid of stock in stores so they turned to zulily to get rid of everything?


You really need to read the shipping. It will say usually ships 3-4 weeks or in some cases it will have the little rocket and can be shipped out in a couple days.

If you take time to look maybe you wouldn't be so mad.

They have beautiful clothes and go all the way up to 3x (22-24w) I hope they never stop selling them on zulily . Even with the wait on occasion it's worth it.


I love reborn and am trying to find them so I can carry their line if clothing. Can anyone help me out?

Reborn wholesale is impossible to find and of course zulily won't help me out.

Anyone have any ideas?? I would appreciate it

to Anonymous San Mateo, California, United States #1208658

Seems to me you didn't actually look: http://www.reborncollection.com/ wholesale only. Why would Zulily give out information if your company is trying to out price them?

I swear by Zulily, love their clothes, and yes it does take months to get anything, but in the long run it's worth it. And their people are wonderful.


Thank you for posting. I was thinking of ordering a couple of things from reborn but now I will pass

Alabama, United States #1107815

How have your Reborn items lasted? I followed the washing directions to the tee on all of mind ( 4 tops) and so far (still waiting on 3 more) they all now have noticeable piling and the colors are faded.

How can a brand that supposedly retails their clothing between $120-$145, look so crappy after one wash? Mine were laid flat to dry and everything, so I know it's not because I don't know how to follow directions. I'm sure I could order one of those lint shavers and work on it, but for a $40 (+shipping) top that retails for $120, I shouldn't have to work so hard after only washing it once. I'm done with Reborn.

I'm obsessed with their tops so when I see them up on Zulily again, I will just have to avoid it like the plague.

It's so disappointing and frustrating! Anyone else have this problem?

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