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I don't use my credit card often, so when i got an email telling me that some lowlife thief had jacked my info, it wasn't hard to track down the point of attack. In the last 3 months I have made one purchase, and subsequently one payment (as I don't carry a balance) The payment was made via my bank's BillPay and the purchase was on for like $50.

Checked with my bank and they said it couldn't have happened through BillPay, because the cc account info is not fully inputted/transmitted from their system. And it was my cc info that was swiped, not my bank acct info. And the thief began making purchases that very night.....of the day that I purchased from zulily and made my cc payment. So anyway.

After almost everyone in my family has had some type of financial info stolen in the last month, I think I'm going to go old school and just start writing checks/paying cash for everything. Ugh.

I hate a thief.

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In the last four days I have had two (2) credit card numbers stolen and charges attempted. Luckily my bank refused the charges and notified me at 3:30 am and the other at 6am.

I have had these two cards for years and I have never in my life had a credit card stolen. However, I recently purchased items for the first time on Zulily with both cards. When I started doing some detective work trying to figure where a crook would have gotten both of my card numbers... well, Zulily was the link...and the next charge on both cards after Zulily were the fraudlent charges.

That is when I decided to check to see if it had happened to other people and found this site.

Most of these posts are old but I think it's important for us to keep records like this. Hopefully it can help someone else.


Your credit card info cannot be stolen through billpay. It's impossible.

However, it can easily be stolen if you have a keystroke logger on your computer/ smartphone via a trojan. My entire bank account was wiped out this way. The trojan even got through my McAfee antivirus software on my PC.

Changed to Norton which found it in minutes. Have your computer checked.

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