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I used Zulily for years with no problems beside the occasional item not coming in for Christmas on time and what not. Last week, I received an email that I had placed an order.

I did not. I had been hacked and someone placed an order for kitchen knives to be sent to their house and used my billing. When I tried to go to my account to delete the order, my account was unusable. Every link redirected me to a Consider yourself Hugged page where the CSS wasn't working.

It's obvious, it was done on purpose. I contact Zulily and they cancel order. After a few more emails, they finally change my password. Once it is changed, my account still unusable.

I tell them to remove my payment information and delete my account. They removed the cc info and told me it was cancelled. Not true. I and probably whoever hacked my account can still view.

I went back and forth on the phone and in email and everybody kept dancing around the word "delete." They do not want to delete the account. Kind of thinking it is unsafe for whoever hacked my account to be able to view my home info, telephone number, email address, account history, etc..., I keep requesting them to delete it. The last email I received on the 2nd said they would officially "cancel" it in 3 working days. It has been 4 business days not counting the day I requested it.

Nothing. If you have ever shopped zulily, your info will be there.

The more time that goes by and the more they fail in popularity, the more vulnerable their site will become because they will have less incentive to protect you. Do yourself a favor and go into your old account and remove your own info while you can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Zulily Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am dealing the exact same thing. Every link takes me to the "consider yourself hugged" page with scrambled code.

I placed an order several weeks ago. The issue began when I received a shipping notification via email and tried to click the link.

Have they done anything to protect your information? I am worried that some hacker now has access to all of my personal information through the website AND through facebook messenger since zulily now used fb to send all of their messages.

to Kaci Calvaresi #1578347

Oh my gosh! This is what's happening to me!


MY account was hacked as well- over $1200 charged yesterday and $300 last week. Zulily took no responsibility and said it was my bank or PayPal.

I will never use this company again. I can’t even get into my Zulily account because it had been closed.


I got hacked last week. Someone order an iPhone and camera and my PayPal account was charged over $1400 for items I never ordered from Zulilly.

The thief added a letter to my first name and changed the address to one in San Antonio. I had to spend hours dealing with this with Zulily, MasterCard & PayPal.

As I of today, even though my Zulily acct has been closed & other passwords changed, I received several emails about the fadulant items being shipped. WTF!!!


My account was hacked last week. Two Go-Pros were ordered.

I was still able to login to my account and see the order but was unable to remove my payment information. I called Zulilly and they deactivated my account. I also put a block on my credit card for the merchant "Zulilly" so no charges from them can hit my card.The hacker subscribed me to over 950 email/newsletter groups.

I am slowly unsubscribing from them but many of them are no in English so makes it difficult.Make sure your email password is different from your Zulilly account or they will be able to login to your email account. Thankfully mine were different but it was still painful to delete 950+ emails from the subscription requests they sent out using my email address (that they got from Zulilly).Will not ever shop at Zulilly again.


My wife's account is experiencing the same issue. March 6th 2018, $1038 charged to her debit card even though she never saved her information to the site. The site is not secure and we will NEVER shop there again.


Same thing happened to me, a year later and I'm still being directed to "consider yourself hugged." So frustrating, but I guess my husband is happy because I used to spend way too much on Zulily!


I am having the same problems with Zulily. My account was hacked and several orders were charged to my account until my bank account was emptied.

I contacted Zulily and they responded by email saying there site is secure. Well then how did my account get charged for things I did not purchase.

My account was credited and even after changing my password I still get sent to that is flagged on my computer security as an unsafe site and the page is all text and no pictures. Hacked for sure and no one seems to know how to fix the problem.

Charleston, West Virginia, United States #1174427

I'm going through this exact problem right now - fraudulent orders to some random person in California, redirects on the Zulily site to that hugged page no matter what browser or computer I use to try and access it to make sure my payment info has been erased!

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