I made two order from them 2 weeks apart, how they said the second order are shipping free within certain amount of time but i missed by 2 minutes so i get charge anyway.The first order are the 2 big size rugs that one for my bed room and the other for my family room are shedding like cat hair, the fiber flies everywhere they get on my furnitures, in my foods, on top of themself...

I have to vacuum twice a day. So I call customer service they said no money back only get credit..huh?..for these rugs i paid about $450. So I had bad feelings for my second order.

Second order took really long time like over a month, it came in 2 different shipment a week or two apart. Anyway, they all came with disappointments.

I had order total of $280 of baby clothing (I was 8 months pregnant with a baby girl and i have a 2 years old toddler boy) I was allure by their beautiful picture of baby clothes and they were claim 50% off. So I thought I got lucky with good deal. From the hair bows, pettiskirt & tank outfit all made by cheap materials and instead of fluffy and soft it so hard and dusty. The flowers intead of sew on they were all glued on with hot glue and off center and stuck to the back of the hat.

All tags are made from China. Nothing that meet my expectation, so now I am stuck with bunch of ugly on top of that one item is missing so they said on the receipt that they will credit it back to my credit card. I still hadn't have time to check it because if my newborn taken all my time. I'm writing this at now 2:07a.

Still mad and disappointed.And don't want anyone else making mistake order from this Zulily.

Review about: Zulily Top.

Monetary Loss: $680.

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Do not expect a refund for returns. Only store credit. Not sure they are going to honor that...will know more when I order something for the credit.


That's a lot of money

Send the stuff back, then you have several options.


Try ordering from them again, maybe you'll get lucky

2. There are many sites that will buy your gift cards. They take a % but you get most of your money back.


You can sell them to someone yourself.

Or you can whine some more. If you don't like the quality, do something to fix it, rather than bashing the company.

Sorry if they're jerks.Just sayin'

Lancaster, South Carolina, United States #1339124

Horrible return policy! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1332102

Why is it that every email posted has grammar or spelling mistakes?

to Anonymous #1369939

Duly noted and agreed!

to Anonymous #1373666

Because everyone is crabby & negative these days, partly cuz their grammar sucks

But really, if you're unhappy with somethings, JUST FIX IT!

Then you can comment and warn us about bad sites in a pleasant "voice" because you're pretty happy with yourself for fixing something!!

Easy. Get it?

Seattle, Washington, United States #1332016

I shop at Zulily to much I think the price on products is great! I get a yuck once in while but I still have saved way more than lost. Some people expect to pay very little but get the top of line designer products be realistic!

to Dana Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1354076

Get top of the line products because that's what they advertise that they have.I have gotten *** more times than I can count over the three times that I made the mistake of ordering from Zulily.

I'll never order again from them.Their return policy is impossible to get around but also illegal you have to refund money.


I agree! Merchandise quality was disappointing and return policy it terrible! Store credit only!


The reason Zulily does have its timeframe is because they do have to reach out to their sellers for their goods.Whereas Amazon has stocks of goods all the way up to their warehouse ceiling, Zulily reaches out to the seller right after the order is placed.

That is where the shipping takes awhile.Overall, it is not a bad place, however it is not good for a time sensitive shopper.

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