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ordered what zulily said was a Michael Kors purse. I received the purse, it has no MK hardware nor does the lining have MK logo on it and to top it off --IT SMELLS LIKE FISH.

Since Zulily does not accept returns, I am just out of the money. As the old adage says "if too good to to be true; it usually is a lie. Oh well, I am done with Zulily. I have tried dryer sheets to remove the smell to no avail.

Now I am trying coffee. hope that works or into the trash it goes

Review about: Zulily Top.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I have received refunds from zulily on more than one occasion. Call them.


Zulily refund my money as store credit and I can keep the MKF purse too.


Should have known it was a damn scam. Lost money on this one. False advertising way to go zulily


The same thing happened to me. It should be illegal to falsely advertise merchandise.


I fell for this scam as well. The purse was advertised as michael kors and clearly is not.

Total scam.

Very disappointed. Will never order from them again.


a quick search online will tell you MKF is NOT Michael Kors.


zulilly now takes returns.....fyi


I've shopped Zulily for years, what happened is you assumed the MKF bags, which are a legit brand were MK.


That’s very disturbing, misrepresentation at it’s best!


That sucks but it said fake ! However it should be in good shape and resemble like promised. Anyway try a vinegar soaked cloth and let it dry and repeat if necessary and if that fails donate it to a woman's shelter


I've been buying from Zulily for years now and NEVER got something it's not. People should read what they are interested before they buy. This it's not tophatter people you get what u buy.


Same thing happened to me. Was advertised as Michael Kors.

Is MIA Farrow. Should have known by the $40 price.

Cheap bag. Zulliy is risky.

to C J #1551745

Mia K Farrow (MKF) Is a completely different label than Michael Kors (MK). Zulily frequently sells MKF.


I have been buying from Zulily for a couple of years now and haven’t had any major issues. I have received 2 glass items that were broken in shipping.

I emailed Zulily and even though the item was a non-returnable, they sent me a replacement and did not ask for me to ship the broken one back. I once ordered a pair of pants that were too big, I notified them and they credited me and let me keep the ones I already received.

Twice they have not been able to get me an item I ordered, but they notified me, credited me and gave me a $10 credit for the inconvenience. I think if you were to contact them, they would help you out in any way they could.


I will never buy any thing from you (Zulilly) I can't believe you sell fake misleading merchandise and to top it off you have no returns all sales final youll be out of buisness soon hopefully as you well deserve you should be embarrassed Im glad I read this review I've thought about buying from you now I don't have to worry That would be a big fat NO


Come on really??!! They are clearly MKF purses.

It's not the company's fault that you can't see or read. Not only that but MKF purses are less than $50.

Again, if you think you could buy a real MK purse for that, it's not the company's fault. This isn't even ignorance...just stupidity.

to J9MCT #1558622

Also, Google the initials MKF and it will tell you it is MIA Farrow purses. I really enjoy Zulily and I’ve never been disappointed. I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience.


I just read about your loss and....I just ordered 4 purses. I am so angry.

I also thought it was Michael Kors. I am going to try to cancel my order tomorrow since I just ordered them 5 hours ago. I have a few other things I ordered from Zulily last week. This will also be my last order with Zulily.

I'm sure they are aware this is causing confusion because they look so much like Michael Kors.

I will continue with my comments tomorrow after I handle the cancelation. Unhappy customer


I have ordered Shoes, purses and clothing from them. Love everything so far.

I specifically ordered The Purse because it had same logo of one I bought two years ago and wore it out. It is a Mia K Farrow, who is a legit design name. You can buy on Amazon or anywhere. Purses run from 19.00 to 39.00.

If you paid several hundred dollars for.

Purse that is a rip off. From Zulily I have always received decent quality for the price paid

to Karen #1521406

Are you work for Mia K farrow? You guy is confusing customer MKF VS MK.

Don't you?

Don't cheating all the customer as baby. I know zulily helping you guy MKF to fool all the customer.

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