Can't even get the login page for Zulily to come up. All I get is the "we think you are a bot" page even when I check on my laptop in 2 different browsers (IE and Chrome) and on my phone in Chrome and Puffin browsers.

I don't use a VPN, so I don't understand why I'm locked out. Apparently they only want customers to use their app instead? But it's 250 mb and I don't have that amount of extra internal storage on my phone (I use it for work, so I have a lot of daily use work apps eating up all the internal storage).

The whole thing makes me wonder if they're trying to train customers to use their app because website maintenance was costing them more than the app or something? Why in the WORLD would you block potential customers from your website like this?!

Reason of review: Access/ activation issues.

Preferred solution: Fix your website already! It's been broken for months!.

Location: Venice, Florida

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