The title pretty much explains it all. Ordered a dress originally $45 or so dollars, on sale for $22.99.

A deal. I had never bought clothes from the site and it was part of my first order. When it arrived, it had TWO brand tags on either side of the dress. WTF?

I called and let them know of the situation and they immediately offered a refund and apologized and also gave me $10 in credit. Wonderful, and I appreciate that, but the fact that the woman wasn't even truly shocked or concerned about the matter made me feel naive. She was very kind, but simply said "I'm sorry your dress didn't come the way you expected." and that they would look into the situation. If that really was a Walmart dress, that's fine!

Just don't advertise it for something much more expensive and rip me off. So in the end I have decided I will NEVER order ANY clothing from this site ( also because sizing and quality is a joke ), but I will still look at it from time to time for things such as home decor and home organization.

Review about: Zulily Clothing.

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Thank you I am a single mother and can not waste my time and MONEY on buying inexpensive clothes on sites like this!!! I'm happy I did my research and you people put your honest reviews!!!!!!

to rodgerluers #1123186

I'm happy too,because I saw the beautiful dresses they were displaying and my first thought was it was too good to be true,thank y'all so much for warning others so other people won't be scammed God bless y'all for being thankful about other people because y'all could have jus done nothing but y'all showed love toward others and their finances in such already critical times on people's finances



They will look into the situation and make sure next time the Walmart price tag be taken off so that you will be happier being cheated...

Chino, California, United States #948335

I've bought tons of stuff from zulily, and 95% of it has been great. Lots of dresses (not Christine V though, other brands), nice mens polo shirts (25$, came with a tag that said 65$ on it!), casual tshirts, gorgeous fancy little girls dresses, kids shoes, Spanx, flip flops ...

the only things I wasn't happy with were 2 pairs of 6$ kids shoes that were really cute but too small for the size written on them. Everything else I'm more than happy with!

Livonia, Michigan, United States #848979

What makes you think the same shenanigans won't be present with non clothing merchandise??

Maybe you really are naive.

to Supermomto3 Houston, Texas, United States #880252

I agree bc I've bought everything from a-z and it breaks every time!

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