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They have wasted my time by emptying my cart online just 1 day after I chose 4 outfits for my granddaughters birthday. So I picked out 4 more outfits and ordered them to be shipped to her in another state.

Well, little did I know that they would not arrive for a very long time. Right now it is 6 wks after I placed the order and still have not arrived. In checking the package tracking, I see that it has come thru customs but still a long way from destination. So I guess Zulily places the order with some other country of manufacture, and no regard for when it arrives.

They should let you know before placing your order that don't expect to get it for at least 6 wks or more.

My daughter says oh, some things come within a wk. I say very poor customer service and I will not buy from them again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Four outfits for one birthday, all from one person ?

Don't let the little princess get used to that kind of treatment.

Unless, of course, you want a hopeless basket case for an adult.

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