After seeing ads for months, I finally clicked on one. It required that I join to shop. So I looked up the company, thinking I could browse without signing up if I access the website independently (without clicking on an ad), but no go.

How annoying! I don't know if I like the stuff they sell—yet. What has the company done for me (except put ads in front of me) that they deserve the right to send me emails just because I want to browse?

Zulilly, try earning potential customer trust before asking for an email. You've lost my potential business!

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I knww I would love these clothes but do NOT want to sign in and get inundated with ads.


I got a $10 off $25 coupon from Paypal, but since they make you sign in just to shop, not interested!


I have the same problem! I wanted to take a look at what they have but no go w/o signing up!

No way if I don't know if I like there things.

Looks like you lost another potential customer.

Odd way to do business???


Yeah, nobody's getting my email. F Zulily.


Really obnoxious. I won't shop there now.


I agree 100%. I do a lot, I mean a LOT of online shopping and they will not receive a penny from me for the same reason.


Agree! Zulily sucks.

Houston, Texas, United States #1335806

yep, They are spamming my facebook with cute swimsuits but I can't even browse them. I won't sign up and I will block the sponsored ads on my facebook


Agreed. Why should I bother

Queens, New York, United States #1329868

same opnion.No way.So rude.

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