After seeing ads for months, I finally clicked on one. It required that I join to shop. So I looked up the company, thinking I could browse without signing up if I access the website independently (without clicking on an ad), but no go.

How annoying! I don't know if I like the stuff they sell—yet. What has the company done for me (except put ads in front of me) that they deserve the right to send me emails just because I want to browse?

Zulilly, try earning potential customer trust before asking for an email. You've lost my potential business!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Dislike signup for zulily


Omg yes this is so frustrating. They lost my business too all I wanted to do was browse for pajamas for my daughter.


Yep I’ll never go to that website again! I was actually looking for an item someone told me they purchased off that site but I refuse to give out email to a site before even browsing!


Took Pinterest ages to learn that lesson.


I agree completely. You should not have to sign in before you even know if they have anything you may want to buy. If I have to sign in first, I never even bother so those companies are probably losing business.


I whole heartily agree!


i just tried to look at zulily and it would not let me look without my email or facebook login... no thank you.

you want my business you better let me see what you have before you get my info. i barely shop online because i prefer the anonymity.. i hate clerks asking me questions and i hate having to give any info before i can look. you want my business you let me look in peace and quiet.

The stores that have figured that out about me... have enjoyed over 10 k of my money since june.


I wanted to try and find out if a product my friend had gotten was on this website, since she thought it was where she got it but couldn't remember. upon loading up the site it prompts me with a login, that has no exit!

This is very frustrating as i wouldn't want to sign up unless i am constantly buying things from this website, especially since i don't know if i even like a majority of their products. They really should get rid of this, and allow people to browse their products without having an account; even if they don't allow purchase without an account.


I exactly agree. I'm enticed by the preview ads but if I had to give my email for everything I wanted to price/check out, it would be a mess and ruination of privacy.


I agree any time I have to sign in I won't buy from that company


Zulily won't get any of my money, or any of my family's if they expect to communicate with me. What a crock!


a agree. I will not give them any info until I know they are someone I want to do business with. With internet safety these days, certainly they know that and that's why I believe them to be a little cagey with their business practices.


I agree with her. I REFUSE to be forced to give my email PLUS make up ANOTHER password just to browse. They wont get any business from me until I can browse for free!


Sorry to say but this company operates under so many business names....dresslily, rosewe, shein, ez, zulily etc. PC also advertises these companies as they constantly pop up here and I`ve never visited those web sites so I know it is not my cookies blah blah.

They are everywhere now. You should not have to sign up to browse websites out of curiosity. You want cheap clothes but pricey S=H? Try everything5pounds.co.uk UK based but ships internationally and fast too.

EVERYTHING is £5 or $7.50 each.

I`ve bought several times and there are legit! However S & H is a bit pricey though as they use Royal Mail in UK




I agree. Will not do it


It really gripes me when an signup is required before browsing. Won't do it!


annoying website down AGAIN where is my order ???


I had the same experience. How frustrating that I can't see their product without signing up!


I also find it offensive that I have to give my email address before i even know if i like their product selection.

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