After seeing ads for months, I finally clicked on one. It required that I join to shop. So I looked up the company, thinking I could browse without signing up if I access the website independently (without clicking on an ad), but no go.

How annoying! I don't know if I like the stuff they sell—yet. What has the company done for me (except put ads in front of me) that they deserve the right to send me emails just because I want to browse?

Zulilly, try earning potential customer trust before asking for an email. You've lost my potential business!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Zulily won't get any of my money, or any of my family's if they expect to communicate with me. What a crock!


a agree. I will not give them any info until I know they are someone I want to do business with. With internet safety these days, certainly they know that and that's why I believe them to be a little cagey with their business practices.


I agree with her. I REFUSE to be forced to give my email PLUS make up ANOTHER password just to browse. They wont get any business from me until I can browse for free!


Sorry to say but this company operates under so many business names....dresslily, rosewe, shein, ez, zulily etc. PC also advertises these companies as they constantly pop up here and I`ve never visited those web sites so I know it is not my cookies blah blah.

They are everywhere now. You should not have to sign up to browse websites out of curiosity. You want cheap clothes but pricey S=H? Try everything5pounds.co.uk UK based but ships internationally and fast too.

EVERYTHING is £5 or $7.50 each.

I`ve bought several times and there are legit! However S & H is a bit pricey though as they use Royal Mail in UK




I agree. Will not do it


It really gripes me when an signup is required before browsing. Won't do it!


annoying website down AGAIN where is my order ???


I had the same experience. How frustrating that I can't see their product without signing up!


I also find it offensive that I have to give my email address before i even know if i like their product selection.


I agree with everyone. I will browse somewhere else...


All I want to do is look. For years I’ve seen the ads so I finally clicked and wanted to check you guys out.

Nope whatever cute things you had , I can find elsewhere. I don’t need to be subjected to a barrage of emails.

Terrible part of your business model. ( unless your business model includes selling email info)


Agreed. They lost my business too! It's ridiculous to require an email to browse.


Unable to even create an account to view Zulily products.Won't allow you to create a password.Way too much aggravation to view and or purchase items.


I agree. Lost my business.

It’s ridiculous. Just wanted to browse


Losing hoards of customers by refusing to let us browse before signing up. But hey we still have Amazon, so we can get along without you. Bye!


I too had never looked at Zulily before. I have chosen to pass, as I will not be forced to give you my email to check out what you have.


Not sorry. Just want Zulily to know, you must be in desperate need for business, if you have to FORCE people to give you their email first, before checking out your website.


This comment stated my feelings exactly. I don't want to give you my email just to see your products.

I get WAAAAAY too much email already, don't need anymore on speculation. I saw some dresses that i liked, now I won't be able to buy them after all because i'm not willing to give my email.

Looks like i ma not be able to post this without an email either. We'll see......


No one should need to sign up to view products.


I agree also. I just want to browse before deciding if I want to purchase but asking for a log in prior is unacceptable to me. There are other sites that do the same thing and I will not consider them either.They need to rethink their customer availability.

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