After seeing ads for months, I finally clicked on one. It required that I join to shop. So I looked up the company, thinking I could browse without signing up if I access the website independently (without clicking on an ad), but no go.

How annoying! I don't know if I like the stuff they sell—yet. What has the company done for me (except put ads in front of me) that they deserve the right to send me emails just because I want to browse?

Zulilly, try earning potential customer trust before asking for an email. You've lost my potential business!

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I feel the same way.I just want to browse to see if I would even be interested.

I don't want more junk e-mails.

You just llist another potential customer.Way to go!


you need to go away, get off here, account are you nuts if we see we could buy, who is the nut there, to late never will buy your things,


don't like this have to have an account to look at your things, you need to get off the PC if you don't want us to see them,


Can't view the site without signing in. I don't want you junk email in my email box which is why I don't wish to sign in. So you just lost another potential customer.


My mother forwards me things she thinks I'd like from this site all the time but I can't even see what she wants me to buy without signing up. They would have made some good money If I bought half the things she sent me. I probably didn't buy about 25-30 items at this point because of the sign in screen.


Yep, never getting MY business just because of this!


I agree - i will not shop there if you have to be a member


And here you go with yet another total agreement.Forget them!

If I browse and decide to buy, I would likely give an email address. But I will not give that information simply to see what they have.

Why do they waste their time/money advertising?If you give your info without even determining if you are interested in their products, you have failed an IQ test.


I knww I would love these clothes but do NOT want to sign in and get inundated with ads.

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