Why do I have to give my email address if I just want to look at the stuff they offer ???

I think that my complain says it all and other words are unnecessary.

:-((((((. You are loosing your business with this nonsense.



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I agree. I will not shop/buy ANYTHING at Zulily EVER.

I don't want to be bombarded by emails and marketing messages. They won't have my business.


I agree also. Some other websites also require an email address before you can even view their merchandise.

Any company that requires an email just to browse merchandise is not a company I would be interested in using.

Think about it, it would be like a brick and mortar store requiring your drivers license or credit card as a hold before they would allow you to look at their merchandise. It makes no sense to me.


Create a shopping email. Zulily let's you set how often you get them, if at all.

This is the first step in protecting both consumer and business because Zulily is confused with alot of Chinese sites. With a shopping email address everything is in one place for easy access....


I feel the same as the rest of these people!!! Pintrest, Wish, Zulilly, etc.

just to take a look they want the right to bombard you with junk e-mails and sell your e-mail to others who do the same! Really? SO many places to shop on line - no need to give all your personal info. just to take a look.

I am thinking they have nothing to offer I can't get anywhere else - with a much more customer friendly atmosphere! See ya!


Was hoping to buy covers for all my furniture, but won't give out info before shopping/ordering. will shop elsewhere


I agree wholeheartedly. I have seen ads and would like to window shop.

If I can't even get into the site without giving out personal info, I won't bother. I will buy elsewhere.


Very annoying. Wayfair are the same.


I can never get into Zulilly to see their products.. When I enter my email they tell me they need a password.

I have no idea what the password is. I have tried to get in for three Years !!!!

What the ***???? This makes me mad..


I only want to look at the stuff not be inundated with emails.


I don't like this required login to view products.

Dana Point, California, United States #1355143

The whole email thing is annoying. You can't even view any of the clothing without being bombarded By and email address request right away.


Agree. I find the same issue. I want to look at their products but do not want to besieged by emails.

Winthrop, Maine, United States #1340276

A friend told me to check out this site but I can't even view the products unless I give my email address first? What the total F?

If you want to bully me from the get-go I'll go somewhere else.

Or maybe I'll give you a fake email address!

Lacey, Washington, United States #1327094

It's because they don't have a clue. Guarantee they are losing a ton of customers because of this.

Placitas, New Mexico, United States #1325575

losing me as a customer by demanding my email - not good business and you've certainly lost mine!

Mount Airy, North Carolina, United States #1313580

Don't they realize HOW MANY customers they are turning away by not opting to have a simple X on their request for an email address???? BAD business sense.



and I won't have to unsubscribe when they start flooding my inbox.

Teaneck, New Jersey, United States #1289303

I buy most things online due to busy work schedule.

I don't want to give my email address just to view products on Zulily. To much great competition for me to bother with this nonsense.

Houston, Texas, United States #1270962

Same thought as everyone else. I see these cute tops etc...

on ads and I want to take a look, but I refuse to give my email to just look.

Austin, Texas, United States #1267676

I agree. I check in with that company every year or two and I refuse to give them a valid email address.

It should be an option.

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