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Never again will I order from them. False advertising.

I have been waiting weeks for my grandsons birthday presents to be shipped. its now almost christmas. I strongly suggest a class action lawsuit and the department of the attorney general investigate them. Biggest scam.

Complete miss representation of there service. nothing more than a middle man.

I would not be suprised to see a hacker destroy there site. As cheap as they are I bet there security for there site is very poor so watch your credit cards closely do not trust theses liars.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Hartford, Connecticut, United States #916139

I would advise people to beware...there have been many problems with hacked accounts and credit card numbers stolen, but somehow, the company keeps it quiet. I work as a cyber-security contractor, and I received a warning about this company as well as one called "Rose Wholesale".

They are allegedly targeted very frequently by hackers from the orient as well as the actual owners being rather "shady" characters, I understand. I advise people DON'T risk an order to these 2 online sites - its not worth it.

to Watcherone Kentucky, United States #926240

Rose Wholesale and "RoseGal" must be one and the same. I ordered something from RoseGal before realizing that they are not US-based and had terrible reviews.

I paid via PayPal and was able to get a refund from them.

It taught me to do my homework beforehand and ALWAYS use PayPal. But mostly, it taught me to do my homework.

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