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I will likely never shop here again and I spend a few hundred dollars per month online. Here is the fine print: "Weekend Shipping Details - One order with paid standard shipping must be placed to activate free standard shipping. Once activated, free standard shipping will apply to qualifying subsequent orders placed by 11:59pm pt on Sunday. All orders must be made using the same zulily account, and must be shipped to the same name and...
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I liked
  • Variety of items
  • Purses and shoes
I didn't like
  • Fraud
  • False advertising regarding shipment

I cannot use my computer without your constant ads freezing my computer.I have tried everything I can to block your ads. You are keeping me from getting my work done and if you do not remove your ads I will have to seek legal assistance in this matter. I work from home and have deadlines to meet. You are ruining my reputation and limiting my income. You are annoying, invasive, and from reading other reviews you sell poorly made products at high...
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Anonymous Clear your web browser. That's how I got rid of the ads.

Zulily Shopping Advertisement Review

I find this site completely incompetent. I want to unsubscribe as the ads are so intrusive and the sight dies not allow an unsubscribe just sends you to the home page briefly then the signing window pops up yet again. I'm reporting them to consumer fraud.